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Wedding Menu

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Generic Menu for Weddings. 
These are
Samples only. Some seasonal choices.

Please talk to Kay about your expectations so she handcraft you your ideal menu for your special day.


Choose 7 of the following:

  • Egg & Cress Sandwiches  (under the Walnut trees just after the wedding ceremony)


Vege fingerfood:
  • Courgette, Feta & Herb Fritters with Yoghurt Dipping Sauce
  • Balsamic figs & Blue Cheese (in season choice)
  • Asparagus rolled in Filo Pastry (in season choice)
  • Garlic Mushrooms with toasted Bread
  • Leek  and Mushroom mini Quiches
  • Spinach & Ricotta filo’s
  • Crumbed Olives
  • Cauliflower fritters
  • Crumbed Date/Chorizo bites
  • Baby corn, bacon, & banana roll-ups
  • Sweetcorn fritters (in season) served with Avocado
  • Red Pepper Palmiers rolled in puff Pastry
  • Aubergine rolls with anchovy mascarpone (Summer only)


  • Avocado & Smoked Salmon on toasted Pitas
  • Grilled Prawns & Salsa Dressing
  • Crab tartlets
  • Oyster Shooters served in shot glasses with spiced Tomato juice
  • Smoked Eel from Knapdale
  • Sushi made into cones
  • Sushi rolls
  • Grilled herb/garlic Mussels served in the shell
  • Coconut Prawns with mango mayonnaise
  • Thai Fish cakes
  • Basil Prawns
  • Kaffir lime cured Salmon with Wasabi cream


  • Pork Belly with Mango & Thai dressing served on Chinese Spoons
  • Turkish Lamb boats; (Minced lamb, pinenut & Tomato in Pastry cases)
  • Beef Satays with peanut sauce
  • Medium-Rare Lamb with Basil pesto & roasted Red Peppers on toasted Croutes


  • Peking Duck Pancakes with Plum Sauce & Cucumber
  • Chicken:
  • Yokitori
  • Thai skewers
  • Coriander Chicken in Rice paper (fried)
  • Panko Chicken; (crumbed cubed Chicken with mint & served with Plum sauce)


  • White Bean roasted garlic
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Smoked Eel Pate
  • Feta & Fennel


Wedding Banquet              

Choose 3 of the following:

  • Beef, Whole Roast Scotch Fillet with relish & mustard
  • Pecorino & Spinach Beef Salad
  • Thai Beef Salad
  • Chicken
    • Star Anise Chicken on Bokchoi & Rice
    • Chicken Salad with Apricots, Almonds & Coconuts (Cold)
    • Persian Chicken Salad with Rice
    • Moroccan Chicken coated with Dukkah & served with tomato sauce & rice
    • Indian Butter Chicken & Rice
    • Asian Chicken Salad with Soba Noodles & Coriander
  • Lamb racks served on a salad of courgettes, feta, mint & olives
  • Lamb and Spinach Curry with Rice
  • Butterflied leg of Lamb marinated in Garlic, Lemon, Oregano, Olive & Barbequed
  • Knapdale grown Venison. Warm salad with prime venison slices on spinach, beetroot & feta and served with a cranberry dressing
  • Vegetarian Lasagna. Homemade ricotta, pumpkin, spinach, peppers & tomatoes
  • Salmon
    • Whole fillet; Hot smoked with green herb dressing & avocado
    • Whole fillet; Asian glazed, vermicelli & coriander dressing
    • Whole fillet; Baked & wrapped in puff pastry with pea puree & fresh Mozerrella
    • Whole fillet; Salmon with Labne & fresh Grape and Almond Salad
  • Whole Ham baked over Guinness
  • Ham & Vegetable Lasagna


Vegetables & Salads.         

(To be based around the main menu.)

Choose 5 - 6 of the following:

  • Hot roasted potatoes & onions
  • Roast baby potatoes with olives & cherry Tomatoes
  • Mixed roasted seasonal vegetables
  • Ratatouille; Tomato, Courgette, Garlic, Peppers & Aubergine stew
  • Peas & Beans & Lentils with mint pesto dressing
  • Orzo with roasted carrots, currants & spices
  • Orzo with roasted pumpkin, oregano, feta & walnuts
  • Panzanella; Toasted sourdough bread with tomato, cucumber, spring onion & olives
  • Puy Lentil Salad; Lemon, Tomatoes, Herbs & Feta & Gisborne Olive Oil
  • Roasted Cauliflower with caper crumbs
  • Tuna, Bean, Celery & Pasta Salad
  • Couscous Salad; grilled Peppers, Courgettes, Onions, Aubergines, Tomatoes, Basil and a Lemon & Oil dressing

Sourdough Bread to accompany the meal served at the banquet table



                   (Plated) Examples.  Choice of 3 - 4

  • Fresh fruit Jelly
  • Vanilla Panacotta with Berry Soup
  • Individual Coconut Pavlovas & seasonal fresh fruit
  • Lemon Tart
  • Fresh Berry-Jelly layered with Lemon Marscapone, served in glasses
  • Banoffie Pies
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Roll
  • Lemon Berry or Mango & Pineapple Cheesecake
  • Fresh fruit salad with Lemongrass Syrup
  • Mango, Coconut Pavlova Roll
  • Tiramisu, coffee, Peach, or fresh (in season Dec-Jan) Cherries
  • Chocolate Tia Maria Moussecake
  • Strawberry cloud Cake (Oct- Dec)


Approx  Costs. To be confirmed upon agreement of final menu.

Cost excl of GST
(Minimum 50 guests)

# Fingerfoods

# Mains Banquet

# Vegetables/salads

# Plated Deserts Served at table




 5 - 6

Plated Choice of 3 - 4

Additional surcharge for guest numbers less than 50 guests.

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